Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Goodness Bowser control yourself!

Did not really have a pencil or pen around me at the time and I really wanted to draw bowser so all I had was a pink sharpy X3. Worked out pretty well, O.o I think I was working and a school paper or something because I remember this was down on the back of some story I printed out. *shrug* Sorry for the none penisness
I just love BowserXYoshi pairing hehe they are so cute together......Locker room scene penis but I like Bowser's round and plump....

Little comic...... (love how his muscles came out in the first to panels *fans self* it's almost too much)

Oh did I forget to mention that I also love BowserXGalka pairing, very nice *drool*
D: Oh noz there is no penises in this post! But they are still hot anyways ^^......

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