Monday, April 12, 2010

Comic Characters 2

All these lovely boys come from the same comic(well except the first one), and I believe they are all brothers(the last two). They are big, buff, and packing some nice meat.
I believe he is the gym instructor at the country club X3
I believe he is the middle brother (there is a younger one but his sketch didn't come out so well)
Boy those horns are mmmMmmmm yummy.

This is the oldest.

Comic characters

These are some characters that will be in some comics I'll be making in the future, there were like 11 different comics totally about 48, I believe, different characters, here are just some of the good sketches I liked. They came out pretty well for quick sketches.
I remember which comic this one is, same comic as the next guy is(the dog), I believe he's a tennis instructor at some country club.....hmm... like the body and package though X3
He's a towel boy at the country club, he's very big in the comic XD

I believe he comes from the same comic as the next guy(weasle), some sex slaves I think....

:3 boop....